Traveling Vineyard’s Journey To Success As Discussed By Rick Libby

Traveling Vineyard is an American-based firm focusing on sampling delicious wines while providing income for stay-at-home moms and anyone else interested. It was launched in 2001 before Rick Libby bought and restructured in 2010. The company primarily utilizes network marketing and tasting persons who endeavor in selling their delicious wine. Libby possesses adequate experience in business, having successfully run businesses for over thirty years.

As at now, the firm celebrates over 5,000 independent marketers who are devoted to influencing the company’s growth. Rick showed up for an interview to enlighten people on how he operates his business. You will grasp several aspects as you read on.

Understand Traveling Vineyard’s Concept Development

It is about 16 years since Rick Libby developed a model to boost their sales. Before settling on implementing it, Libby took some time with a friend whose wife had fruitfully applied an in-home demonstration to promote sales for her kitchenware. Libby’s friend sold the idea to him, and sure enough, it worked on wine! Even as at now, the firm continues to embrace new ideas and work towards their execution. In fact, Traveling Vineyard keeps on thinking through innovative ideas that are developed annually. For instance, they have a mobile software program, Awesomm, which plays a crucial role in informing their wine guides as they perform vital roles in their line of duty.

Essentials Impacting Traveling Vineyard’s Progressive Success

Traveling Vineyard is a firm with such a promising future. From the trend and the statistics, consumption of wine has continually risen every year, depicting a significant prevalence among many. The wine has also notably gained popularity among craft beer fanatics. Most importantly is that they have a fun and expedient mode of purchase that encourages their potential buyers. Running a convenient mobile app also helps them a lot in maintaining relevance and operating with much ease. Traveling Vineyard understands the value of their guides. As such, they organize training forums for them. In their guiding rules, the company does not unnecessarily restrict their employees. The steering principals believe in personal freedom, which is among the things attracting most people to the enterprise.

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Talk Fusion Wins Prestigious Award.

Talk Fusion is a well-known communication company that is changing lives in the recent times. The video communication firm was established several years ago, and it is already doing well on the international platform. At the moment, Talk Fusion has won the hearts of customers in almost all parts of the world.


Just recently, the video communication firm announced that it had won the communication solution product of the year award. A report from the company indicates that this is the second time the firm is getting the prestigious award in less than a year. The award was established in the market by the Technology Marketing Corporation. The award is meant to honor the companies that prove to have accomplished a lot in the video, voice communication and data industry.


A report released by the Technology Marketing Corporation states that Talk Fusion won the award because of several reasons. According to the institution, the video chat from Talk Fusion is an excellent service that cannot be compared to others. Using the service, people from all over the world can communicate seamlessly with family and friends, regardless of the device the client is using. According to Talk Fusion management, the location of the client does not matter when using the video chat service. Individuals can access the service from Google Play.


Bob Reina currently serves as the chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. Reina founded the company several years ago when he realized that investors were not using video marketing. In a recent report, Reina promises all his customer’s excellent services in the new future. According to him, Talk Fusion wants to ensure that everyone has something positive to say about it. Learn more:


Talk Fusion has been on the market since 2007, and it has transformed the communication industry positively. The products from the successful company are marketed from independent candidates from one person to the other. The independent associates are given great compensations too to make sure that the company products are sold. The company is already established in one hundred and forty nations. The customers are given a free trial that lasts thirty days. Learn more:



Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm founded in 2005. It offers various financial services to clients. These services include business valuation, corporate advisory, financial opinions for companies and evaluating financial reporting. This firm aims at guiding clients during mergers and takeovers. They give their customers the best advice to go through these processes smoothly.

This firm mainly targets the middle-market companies.


Competition among investment banking firms is so high. Such firms are targeting middle market companies. Due to this reason, Madison Street Capital has differentiated itself in the market. The company has built a strong reputation in acquisitions. This positioning makes them easily get clients and excel in the industry.

Businesses seeking proper terms of lending, practical strategies and implementing acquisitions effectively, need to choose Madison Street Capital.


The firm has offices in various continents to reach many clients in the world. Branches are in North America, Asia, and Africa. Clients have received counsel on corporate governance and independence at local and the international. After a company becomes a client to Madison Street Capital, they build a relationship with you. The firm values every client, regardless of their needs and expectations.


Since every customer has different needs, Madison Street Capital attends to all them individually. All solutions are tailor-made for each client. The firm does not stop until every customer is satisfied.All members of this firm are team players and experts. The company hires the best professionals in the labor market. The intention is to put together a strong team that will offer outstanding performance in the industry. Madison Street Capital is challenging other firms to uplift their standards and offers quality services in the industry.


About Madison Street Capital


This company is conscious of time sensitivity and in corporate finance. Immediately a client walks in any office, he or she gets attention. Experts begin working immediately and resolving the issues. All transactions made are meant to benefit both clients and the firm. Experts working for Madison have vast experience in matching buyers with suitable sellers. Eventually, every participant is happy and satisfied with the outcome.


Madison Street Capital is passionate about what it does and strives to advance to higher levels. Each day, it searches for better techniques of offering services and enhancing customer experience. Through technology and other dynamics of business, Madison has a lot to discover and offer to their clients and the entire financial industry. Through professionalism, care, and integrity, Madison Street Capital reputation is serving its clients and ensures it has delivered it’s services promptly.


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End Citizens United Commitment to Combat Big Money in United States’ Elections

End Citizens United has been on the forefront of chairing fair elections in the United States of America. Faced with the responsibility to raise money for the next elections, the political group has raised more than $4 million in mid-2017. The team is still committed to raising over $35 million in the next elections in 2018. Considering the amount the group contributed towards the general elections in 2016, it is projected that the team will make progress in 2018.


The president of End Citizens United, Muller Tiffany, said that more than 100,000 individuals had made their contributions towards the group. In 2017, over 40,000 have pledged their allegiance to the group by making their first contribution. Tiffany Muller also stated that the group is dedicated to making sure that the right people are elected. With the members of the group feeling that President Trump’s cabinet is undermining them, the team is committed to proving themselves to Trump’s cabinet by winning the 2018 general elections. The congress elections that will see Jon Ossoff vie for the position of health secretary will be the pace setter of the team’s performance.


A few weeks after the donations, End Citizens United took to the political platform with the aim of mobilizing donors to donate towards Jon’s election as a congressman. To people’s surprise, Jon Ossoff parted with more than $ 4 million towards his campaign in April. As he looks forward to replacing Tom Prince who was elected for the health as well as human services secretary, End Citizens United is dedicated to ensuring that he is elected come 2018.


Although End Citizens United contributors are allowed to part with $ 5,000, the group has received over the set limits since 2016. The amount was significant in the 2016 general elections, and for that reason, the group is sure of winning more supporters regarding donors. End Citizens United plays different roles including mobilizing donors and campaigners aside from supporting Democrats. This is evident by the support the team showed when in 2016, they assembled Republicans to refrain from voting for Betsy DeVos. The result was a tie that called for the vice president to break.

End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was established in 2010. Under the decision of the Supreme Court, the group was launched in 2015 with the aim of getting rid of big political money that influences corruption. End Citizens United has therefore been on the lead of electing the right political candidates who are committed to cheering finance reforms in the country. Funded by the grassroots donors, the group is committed to making the American political landscape a national priority by ensuring that political reformists are elected.

Richard Blair And His Work At Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is one of the finest investors in the retirement industry, and he has spent quite a lot of time ensuring that his clients will have money ready for their retirement. He knows how to craft a retirement portfolio that works for the client, and he has many creative ideas that will help. This article explains how Richard does his work, and it takes a look at ways that he aids his clients in preparing for the future. Learn more:


#1: What Does A Retirement Portfolio Look Like?


Every retirement plan is different, and Richard believes that he must craft something that is specific to the needs of the customer. These people come to him every day hoping to learn how they may save money on their retirement, and he knows that a number of people who are having trouble with their retirement may reform their plans accordingly.


#2: Creative Ideas


Richard offers a number of creative ideas to his clients that include renting summer and winter homes, investing in currency and moving outside traditional retirement packages. He manages traditional packages, and he hopes to show his customers that there is a way to save money for their future.


#3: Setting A Retirement Date


Setting a retirement date is quite simple as the client will tell Richard when they believe they would like to retire. Richard and his staff will work backwards to begin the planning process, and they will grow a number of different plans that may work for the customer. They show the customers their progress over time, and they are willing to adjust their plans at any time. Learn more:


#4: How Long Does It Take To Retire?


Richard is willing to work with anyone at any time. He knows that there are people who simply cannot afford to retire right now, and he is aware of many other people who want to wait to retire. They may need a short-term plan that will help them retire in a few years, or they may adjust their current retirement counts to ensure that they are much more profitable. Learn more:


Richard Blair has done amazing work ensuring that his company is helping clients retire in the right way. They may make choices that help them earn money in retirement, and clients may build a large portfolio of things that are used for their retirement. Each option offered by Richard and his staff points to a prosperous future. Learn more:


Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin has passed through a lot of challenges in the meat industry career before finally emerging successful. He entered the meat industry more than four decades ago.

Sheldon was also a successful investor and a senior management officer in the banking sector. He also owned a financial consulting firm that enabled him to help people to make wise investments. He later became the Chairman of the OSI Group. Among his other achievements, is that he transformed McDonald’s into a global supplier of a broad range of food products.

Sheldon Lavin contributed to financing Otto & Sons which later evolved into OSI Group. The experiences Lavin has undergone as an executive in OSI Group has played a significant role in making him the tycoon he is up to date. Lavin’s leadership and vision have led to rapid expansion of a small scale business to an international leader in the meat industry. Sheldon is a source of inspiration to most young entrepreneurs.

In 2016, India’s Vision World Academy awarded Sheldon Lavin with a prestigious Global Visionary Award.

In 2015, Sheldon Lavin was honored by RSM US LLP with a Lifetime Achievement Award. He got the lifetime achievement award due to his commitment to Chicago business community and service to the society. Sheldon does not compromise on the welfare of his employees. He does the best he can to ensure that employees get rewards for hard work. He is honored and respected by employees and other senior individuals holding executive positions in other companies.

Sheldon Lavin pursued finance and accounting so that he could run his businesses professionally. Sheldon’s vision is to transform OSI Industries into a world-class enterprise. OSI Industries have approximately 80 facilities in 17 countries. The company produces vegetable items, baked goods, sauces, and protein products. Sheldon Lavin values innovation so he does the best he can to ensure that the corporation employs innovative technology through creativity.

According to Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group is an extended family. Employees treat each other with love and respect. Every individual is free to interact with each other thus building healthy interpersonal relationships and understanding. Lavin listens to his employees by encouraging them to visit his office as they please. Additionally, OSI engages in charitable activities to support local communities.

Silence Plays An Important Role In The Work Of The QI Group’s Vijay Eswaran

There are few international business leaders who would claim silence to be part of their daily routine, but the QI Group’s Vijay Eswaran is not an everyday Executive Chairman. Read more: The Return Of Vijay Eswaran | The Sunday Leader

Despite the company he co-founded in 1998 becoming a top retailer and member of the direct sales industry in more than 20 countries with revenue in 2016 of more than $750 million he has become a well known figure at training sessions across the world for new sales associates who are given a high level of motivation and skill through the intervention of one of the most important members of the QI Group.

One of the areas of growth that has most impressed in the career of Vijay Eswaran is the development of the QI Group in India, an area where the company has grown at an extraordinary rate with the development of new products and services that has become one of the main regions of growth for the company.

Vijay Eswaran has led the expansion across India that has seen the QI Group become a major part of the local community for many people who have seen their future affected by the company’s RYTHM Foundation; the foundation is steadily growing across many different areas of the world, including the Indian subcontinent where it has helped with education and disaster relief.

Vijay Eswaran has never been willing to let the opportunity to share his beliefs and successes slide by, particularly when other business leaders or young people are looking for advice on building a successful future.

In his book, “In The Sphere Of Silence”, Vijay Eswaran explains his own belief in removing thoughts of things we have no power to change from our everyday lives; a keen meditation expert, Vijay believes one hour of silence each morning is key in removing thoughts of global issues he cannot control from his mind and allows him to concentrate on those details that affect his personal and business life.

As a keen philanthropist, Vijay also hopes to inspire those he works with to given back to their own community in any way possible.

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Dr. Villanueva on the Future of Dentistry

Chris Villanueva is a dentistry practitioner. He founded MB2 Dental, a dental center based in Texas. He has amassed a lot of experience that has enabled him to help blend sole-practitioner dentistry with corporate dentistry.


MB2 dental has more than 500 employees and over 60 affiliated office locations. Dr. Villanueva aims at offering dentists who have specialized training. This will help MB2 Dental to concentrate on providing quality services to clients. As a dental solutions provider, MB2 strives to offer services that will make practitioners and patients happy.


In an interview on entrepreneur podcast network, Dr. Chris Villanueva talked about what inspired him to start MB2 Dental. He also explained the role of MB2 in the dentistry industry, progressive business cultures as well as why he thinks his dental solutions are unique.


According to Dr. Chris Villanueva, MB2 dental was founded with the aim of bringing together doctors who can work as a team. This is part of the firm’s culture that he believes shouldn’t be left behind. MB2 gives a great perspective on the right way to carry out practice development and dental management. This perspective has helped change the lives of many dentists and patients.


When asked about why he thinks MB2 Dental is unique, he stated that the company focuses on the quality of services and not just profit margins. He added that MB2 is all about personal growth, autonomy and having fun together. The firm also offers innovations that help improve operation standards in the dental sector.


Chris Villanueva believes that progressive business cultures are essential to every company. In the interview, he stated that his company provides dentists with an environment where they can learn from each other. MB2 Dental also has a team of experts that helps dentists in various ways. This includes helping them overcome marketing, legal, payroll, HR and compliance challenges.



On another interview with ideamensch, Dr. Chris Villanueva discussed how he came up with the idea of MB2 Dental Solutions. After graduating from dental school, he had to options: To either start a private practice or join a large group practice. He later decided to create a model that allowed him to merge both options.


Villanueva also talked about his typical day. He said he considers himself a night owl because he gets good ideas at night. He proceeded to explain that night hours allow him to think creatively. Dr. Chris Villanueva has surrounded himself with smart team members who are outspoken and creative. He believes that you need to hire the right people to set vision.


Vijay Eswaran Wins Awards For Entrepreneurship And Charity

Vijay Eswaran is a name that’s become famous in Malaysia and much of the Indian and Singapore business markets. He’s both a business founder and a philanthropist who has helped people grow businesses through direct selling and referral programs at QI Group’s QNet company, and also has helped special needs people through RYTHM Foundation.

His business achievements and philanthropy have earned him several awards including the New Global Indian award he received at the 2012 Global Indian Meet, and several entrepreneur of the year awards from other organizations. He’s also spoken at business conferences and summits including the World Economic Forum.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia in the 1950s to a man who worked in the Malaysian Ministry of Labor, and a woman who taught young children at local schools.

They afforded Eswaran a high education at the London School of Economics where he achieved a bachelor’s degree in socioeconomics, and then an MBA at Southern Illinois University. Eswaran went into multilevel marketing several years later when he picked up from several friends who were interested in building a company in East Asia. Read more: Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

Eswaran decided to take it upon himself to try direct selling in 1998 when he and Joseph Bismarck cofounded QI Group. He had to overcome difficulties including financing operations and false stories circulating about the business to build it into the company it is today.

QNet is the main direct selling source for QI Group, a company that distributes all products through ecommerce and independent sales representatives. QI Asset Management is the company that owns luxurious properties and vacation villas and also offers small businesses and individuals credit and financing options.

Eswaran has also launched a university with several courses that have training in direct selling in partnership with the Malaysian government. Several years ago QI Group also acquired Down To Earth in Hawaii which sells pure organic foods across the globe.

Vijay Eswaran regularly practices spiritual rituals including dieting, moments of silence, various exercises and meditation. He believes learning how to listen to others around you and just taking time to listen to the world can help your focus and can instill values of serving others. His bestselling books on the topic include In The Sphere Of Silence and 18 Stepping Stones.

Brian Torchin – Simplifying Hiring in Healthcare

Even though Brian Torchin is most noted in the medical profession for being involved himself in Chiropractic Medicine as well as Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, he has also found a way to offer a service to others in the healthcare field that has proven invaluable.

Using his knowledge of the healthcare industry along with social media vehicles, he has created a valuable tool. Active on Facebook, he uses the account as a way to help others in the field find positions by posting job openings for physical therapy, medical physicians, and other positions.

Serving as the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors’ (HCRC), created by Torchin in 2005, he is able to offer clients that are employers workers that are guaranteed to be trained for each position. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Employees can find openings in areas they are suited for instead of mulling through listings for health specific positions. Prospective employers are pleased with being able to use one stop shopping for employees they are able to take as a perfect fit.

Openings in health care often have to be filled in a timely manner so a company’s reputation doesn’t suffer and patients can still be seen quickly and given the best of care. HCRC eliminates some of the lag in time before an opening is determined and the steps are taken to contact resources, do interviews and run background checks. This simplifies the entire process and saves valuable time before it is filled with a competent employee.

As Brian Torchin has simplified employment in the health care field he has become an important resource as well. He pens a popular blog for the company and has been interviewed on various topics by news outlets.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin attended the University of Delaware, where he received his Bachelor of Exercise Science.