Traveling Vineyard’s Journey To Success As Discussed By Rick Libby

Traveling Vineyard is an American-based firm focusing on sampling delicious wines while providing income for stay-at-home moms and anyone else interested. It was launched in 2001 before Rick Libby bought and restructured in 2010. The company primarily utilizes network marketing and tasting persons who endeavor in selling their delicious wine. Libby possesses adequate experience in business, having successfully run businesses for over thirty years.

As at now, the firm celebrates over 5,000 independent marketers who are devoted to influencing the company’s growth. Rick showed up for an interview to enlighten people on how he operates his business. You will grasp several aspects as you read on.

Understand Traveling Vineyard’s Concept Development

It is about 16 years since Rick Libby developed a model to boost their sales. Before settling on implementing it, Libby took some time with a friend whose wife had fruitfully applied an in-home demonstration to promote sales for her kitchenware. Libby’s friend sold the idea to him, and sure enough, it worked on wine! Even as at now, the firm continues to embrace new ideas and work towards their execution. In fact, Traveling Vineyard keeps on thinking through innovative ideas that are developed annually. For instance, they have a mobile software program, Awesomm, which plays a crucial role in informing their wine guides as they perform vital roles in their line of duty.

Essentials Impacting Traveling Vineyard’s Progressive Success

Traveling Vineyard is a firm with such a promising future. From the trend and the statistics, consumption of wine has continually risen every year, depicting a significant prevalence among many. The wine has also notably gained popularity among craft beer fanatics. Most importantly is that they have a fun and expedient mode of purchase that encourages their potential buyers. Running a convenient mobile app also helps them a lot in maintaining relevance and operating with much ease. Traveling Vineyard understands the value of their guides. As such, they organize training forums for them. In their guiding rules, the company does not unnecessarily restrict their employees. The steering principals believe in personal freedom, which is among the things attracting most people to the enterprise.

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