David McDonald Pushes For International Growth

David McDonald has spent his entire career with OSI Group. He is currently the Chief Operations Officer of the organization and is leading OSI to its future. OSI Group has come a long way from its early roots as a family-owned organization. The company now has worldwide interest and facilities in several different countries. Its international operations have set the standard for the food manufacturing industry.

OSI Industries acquired European manufacturer Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a well-established organization in the European region. The company has been in business for 60 years and has its own segment of the market that OSI can tap into. The relationship is expected to put OSI in a new chapter of food manufacturing so that it can have the desired influence in Europe. How We’re Looking After the World.

Flagship Food Group was another European acquisition made by David McDonald and OSI Group. Flagship Food Group is a growing organization that has acquired other companies on its own. It specializes and mayonnaise and different serving sauces. OSI and Flagship Food Group will work to ensure both companies expand the nature of their business models.David McDonald is heavily involved in the day-to-day management decisions of OSI Group’s worldwide business. The company has a set team of experts in place that travel the world and inspects the processes in every region. The purpose of the traveling team is to ensure that every district of the company lives up to the appropriate standards. Regional leaders will be held accountable if they are not maintaining the quality of excellence that it is expected. Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group

David McDonald grew up in the state of Iowa. He obtained his bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University and went on to join OSI Group immediately after college. He has remained with the company ever since and patiently evolved into the top position.OSI Group began as a small company in the Chicago area and developed several different business relationships over the years that led to its success. It partnered with the McDonald’s Corporation in the 1950s and quickly adapted to the needs of the growing restaurant giant. OSI introduced several different innovations that set itself apart from other meat manufacturers at the time. It went on to become the exclusive supplier to the McDonald’s Corporation. Currently Dave McDonald’s and his team oversee OSI relationships with several other major food chains. These include Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Subway.

Brandao’s Career At Banco Bradesco SA

Having served Banco Bradesco SA for over 74 years, Lazaro de Mello Brandao was perhaps the longest serving employee of the financial institution prior to his resignation mid last month. The bank hired him in 1943, and he was only 16 then. The young Brandao had not even completed his fundamental studies. Not many positions were available at the bank for the young job seeker, and when the bank offered to hire him as a clerk, Brandao was delighted. He knew one thing: he would not remain a clerk for the rest of his life.

It took 20 years for the bank to offer him a significant promotion; Brandao was elected a director in 1963. Fourteen years later, Brandao was elected vice president of the Osasco headquartered bank. In 1981, Bradesco appointed him the overall CEO of the bank. His name went down in history books as the second CEO of the bank after Amado Aguiar, the founder of Bradesco. He was the CEO of the bank with Aguiar as the chairman of the board of directors until 1991 when Aguiar’s health deteriorated promoting the bank’s management to appoint Brandao the second chairman. Between 1991 and 1999, Brandao was not only the CEO of the bank but also the chairman. Marcio Cypriano succeeded him as CEO in 1999, but he steadfastly held on to the chairmanship roles until his resignation last month.

At the time of Brandao’s resignation, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the CEO of Bradesco; a position he has held since 2009. It came as no surprise when the bank named Trabuco Brandao’s successor as many expected the same. Trabuco may not double up as CEO and chairman of the bank for long like his predecessors, Aguiar and Brandao, as his term as the president of the bank will come to an end in March next year, as per the new bylaws of the bank. Cognizant of the fact that presidency post will be vacant soon, Bradesco is searching for a new CEO to lead the bank starting in March.

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According to folha.uol.com.br Bradesco’s search for a new CEO is unlikely to be cumbersome has the bank has been categorical that it will consider only its high ranking executives for the job. Some of the executives likely to be considered include

• Mauricio Machado de Minas
• Alexandre da Silva Gluher
• Domingos Figueiredo Abreu
• Josué Augusto Pancini
• Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
• Octavio de Lazari
• André Rodrigues Cano

Having served at the bank for a considerable period, the seven understand Bradesco’s culture and the bank will not spend resources in training or inducting anyone of them chosen.

About the new Chairman

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been an employee of the bank since 1969. Just like Brandao, Bradesco hired Trabuco to discharge administrative roles. And just like Brandao, he got a significant promotion after 15 years at the bank; Bradesco appointed him the marketing director. The position became a stepping stone for Trabuco who leveraged it to earn higher appointments at the bank.

In 2003, he became the president of Bradesco Seguros, an insurance subsidiary of the bank. Six years later, the bank named him the overall president replacing Marcio Cypriano. Trabuco assumed the presidency of the bank when the global economy was turbulent and whose effects would trickle down to Brazil and eventually to Bradesco. Also, the board of directors was reeling from the impact of Banco Itaú and Unibanco’s merger that pushed Bradesco to the second place in the list of leading private banks. However, Trabuco instituted measures that would see the bank regain its position but most importantly lead to better service delivery.

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Richard Blair And His Work At Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is one of the finest investors in the retirement industry, and he has spent quite a lot of time ensuring that his clients will have money ready for their retirement. He knows how to craft a retirement portfolio that works for the client, and he has many creative ideas that will help. This article explains how Richard does his work, and it takes a look at ways that he aids his clients in preparing for the future. Learn more: https://www.intelius.com/Find-Phone-Address/Austin-TX/Richard-Blair.html


#1: What Does A Retirement Portfolio Look Like?


Every retirement plan is different, and Richard believes that he must craft something that is specific to the needs of the customer. These people come to him every day hoping to learn how they may save money on their retirement, and he knows that a number of people who are having trouble with their retirement may reform their plans accordingly.


#2: Creative Ideas


Richard offers a number of creative ideas to his clients that include renting summer and winter homes, investing in currency and moving outside traditional retirement packages. He manages traditional packages, and he hopes to show his customers that there is a way to save money for their future.


#3: Setting A Retirement Date


Setting a retirement date is quite simple as the client will tell Richard when they believe they would like to retire. Richard and his staff will work backwards to begin the planning process, and they will grow a number of different plans that may work for the customer. They show the customers their progress over time, and they are willing to adjust their plans at any time. Learn more: https://www.brightscope.com/financial-planning/advisor/218993/Richard-Dwayne-Blair/


#4: How Long Does It Take To Retire?


Richard is willing to work with anyone at any time. He knows that there are people who simply cannot afford to retire right now, and he is aware of many other people who want to wait to retire. They may need a short-term plan that will help them retire in a few years, or they may adjust their current retirement counts to ensure that they are much more profitable. Learn more: http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/p/my-story


Richard Blair has done amazing work ensuring that his company is helping clients retire in the right way. They may make choices that help them earn money in retirement, and clients may build a large portfolio of things that are used for their retirement. Each option offered by Richard and his staff points to a prosperous future. Learn more: https://datafox.com/wealth-solutions


Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin has passed through a lot of challenges in the meat industry career before finally emerging successful. He entered the meat industry more than four decades ago.

Sheldon was also a successful investor and a senior management officer in the banking sector. He also owned a financial consulting firm that enabled him to help people to make wise investments. He later became the Chairman of the OSI Group. Among his other achievements, is that he transformed McDonald’s into a global supplier of a broad range of food products.

Sheldon Lavin contributed to financing Otto & Sons which later evolved into OSI Group. The experiences Lavin has undergone as an executive in OSI Group has played a significant role in making him the tycoon he is up to date. Lavin’s leadership and vision have led to rapid expansion of a small scale business to an international leader in the meat industry. Sheldon is a source of inspiration to most young entrepreneurs.

In 2016, India’s Vision World Academy awarded Sheldon Lavin with a prestigious Global Visionary Award.

In 2015, Sheldon Lavin was honored by RSM US LLP with a Lifetime Achievement Award. He got the lifetime achievement award due to his commitment to Chicago business community and service to the society. Sheldon does not compromise on the welfare of his employees. He does the best he can to ensure that employees get rewards for hard work. He is honored and respected by employees and other senior individuals holding executive positions in other companies.

Sheldon Lavin pursued finance and accounting so that he could run his businesses professionally. Sheldon’s vision is to transform OSI Industries into a world-class enterprise. OSI Industries have approximately 80 facilities in 17 countries. The company produces vegetable items, baked goods, sauces, and protein products. Sheldon Lavin values innovation so he does the best he can to ensure that the corporation employs innovative technology through creativity.

According to Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group is an extended family. Employees treat each other with love and respect. Every individual is free to interact with each other thus building healthy interpersonal relationships and understanding. Lavin listens to his employees by encouraging them to visit his office as they please. Additionally, OSI engages in charitable activities to support local communities.