Securus Technologies Discussing the Future of Correctional Field

As one of the leaders in the field of criminal justice and inmate communications technology, Securus Technologies has always tried to bring innovative and affordable correctional products and services to end users in the correctional field. The company recently elaborated on how the technology in the corrections field is growing and fast developing, and how it would impact the industry and its target audience.


Rick Smith, who is the Chairman as well as the CEO of Securus Technologies said recently that company is focused on research and development to develop and update new products and existing products regularly to ensure the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies have the best technology in hand for safer communication and limiting the crime rate to the lowest. And, so far the results have been phenomenal.


The overall aim of Securus Technologies has been to improve the incarceration experience of the inmates and give them means of communication with the outside world safely and securely without putting any party in danger in the process. Securus Technologies believes that in the future, the inmates would get more communication opportunities at far lower prices they are paying now. Also, Rick Smith said that the inmates would have access to a vast database of music, law books, general books, songs, medical assistance, legal resources, educational books, job opportunities, and more. It would completely change the dynamics of the correctional facilities and help in the rehabilitation of the inmates.


The results of these efforts would lead to fewer recidivism rates and better future for the inmates once released. The families of the inmates would also feel more secure with such facilities and feel more connected with their loved one in prison. Moreover, Securus Technologies is trying to develop technology that would help the inmate use these services from the device they own, which they understand and know how to operate.



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