Betsy Devos

There is a lingering question that haunts parents in America today: When does freedom begin for their children? For those without the money required to engage in educational choice, the years stack up. Underperforming public schools leave cities in a vicious cycle of generations who grow up into a world where their incomes and livelihoods are excessively limited.


Betsy DeVos describes herself as having been bored before college and political ever since college. Although her 30 years of close affiliation with her own political party have raised judgments against DeVos based on assumption, and some of her charity work appears to reinforce those assumptions, DeVos does what she can to push her hope to promote freedom in education and to close the opportunity gap.


Although DeVos has now taken on her national role, her focus on state and local initiatives remains. Part of her dream is to adjust state constitutions to make way for more flexibility in educational pursuits for young people. The DeVos family is directly involved in some schools on the immediate level, including a specialty high school which can graduate licensed pilots.


In recent years, programs supported by DeVos have led to jumps, by the tens of thousands across several states, in the number of families who can choose where to send their children in place of the school assigned by default. The struggles encountered on the state and local level motivated her to take on the national level.


DeVos believes the real key to bringing the people together for these causes is to use as many methods of outreach as possible. This includes both advertising and direct contact with members of the community. DeVos has observed that when she starts with the community, her fellow elected officials are more likely to take notice than when she directly calls for action. Learn more:


DeVos is an advocate of technological innovation in general, but also sees technology playing an important role in empowering educational choice, especially when it makes remote learning a more realistic choice. Education reform aligns with the idea that education happens in the minds of the children and not in the confines of buildings, and this is part of what she hopes to realign in the school system. She also states that understanding technology from a young age has become a crucial part of achieving the fullest success for future generations.


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