How To Become A Better Talk Fusion Associate At Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion is a company that Bob Reina founded on more than just the idea of changing how people use videos to share their stories with others or promote their company. He wanted it to be a doorway for people to go into business for themselves and become the catalysts for Talk Fusion’s sales since he himself had been the beneficiary of direct selling. The Talk Fusion Associate program allows people to become authorized resellers of Talk Fusion’s products and they have incentives to make high commissions doing so. But Reina has decided to give new associates some pointers on winning customers and making sales, so he just started Talk Fusion University. This is a video series featuring Reina himself going over many new ideas and objectives for video marketing.


Bob Reina is a former police officer who got into video technology and marketing with really no background in computer science or programming. But he did have one thing he desired to do with his business endeavor which was to help others and felt he could do better than if he stayed on a schedule he couldn’t control as a police officer. He had tried several direct selling ventures before he stumbled across the idea for Talk Fusion. He had tried to send videos of a vacation he was on, but his email client at AOL couldn’t do this, so he decided he needed to have his own email software designed that could send videos. In 2007, Reina and his friend announced the completion of Talk Fusion’s first product and from there the company grew. Learn more:


Reina and his team have streamlined Talk Fusion’s services to make one-on-one and group chat relatively free of overhead and have updated them for mobile users. Beyond the email video client, they’ve created video meeting apps and also have signup forms that can be placed on web pages. Reina also decided customers should try all of Talk Fusion’s products before deciding to buy them, so starting a couple years ago he added 30-day free trials to the suite that require no credit card. Also, Talk Fusion associates can donate a Talk Fusion account to any charity they support.