How Daniel Taub Strengthened the Ties Between the UK and Israel During his Term as Israeli Ambassador

Israel and the UK recorded a significant growth in their trading activities when Daniel Taub oversaw the diplomatic relations between the countries. Taub held the position of Israeli ambassador for four years before stepping down in 2015. It was reported that the growth in the trading activities is attributed to the good business, academic and cultural relationships that the countries have with each other.


Daniel Taub carried out his diplomatic duties from his Israeli embassy office in the UK. The Israeli embassy issued a press statement back in 2015 acknowledging the Taub’s efforts to strengthen links between the UK and Israel. As a UK citizen by birth, he got appointed to work for the Israeli embassy in 2011 as an ambassador. Prior to his appointment, he was a peace negotiator for Northern Ireland.


Taub is known for emphasizing on trade and technology during his tenure at the Israeli embassy. Using technical support from Google, Taub managed to introduce Bizcamp, which is a competition for start-ups. Thanks to the success of Bizcamp, he became a nominee for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award. He got nominated for this award in the category of developing business and trade.


In reference to Sajid Javid’s speech during the 2015 British Israeli Business Awards, trading activities between Israel and the UK were in a “golden era.” Javid serves in the capacity of State Secretary for Business, Innovation, and Skills in the United Kingdom. He also pointed out that the bilateral trade is expected to be worth $7 billion because hundreds of Israeli Business ventures are increasingly being established in the UK.


About Daniel Taub


Daniel Taub is an international attorney, public speaker, lecturer, writer and former Israeli ambassador. At Yad Hanadiv (Rothschild) Foundation, his director position allows him to oversee strategy and planning. Taub is an alumnus of Harvard Law, Oxford University, and London University. During his visit to Israel, he worked in the international law division of the Israeli Defense Forces as a reserve officer. He also carried out legal and diplomatic duties at the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry.


BBC Radio 4, CNN, Sky News and Hardtalk are among the media channels that have interviewed Daniel Taub live. As a writer, Taub’s essays cut across current affairs of Israel and the Middle East. These essays are published on The Times, The Huffington Post and The Daily Telegraph. Taub is credited as an author of a book (Parasha Diplomat), which features the diplomatic views on biblical scriptures.


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