Dr. Villanueva on the Future of Dentistry

Chris Villanueva is a dentistry practitioner. He founded MB2 Dental, a dental center based in Texas. He has amassed a lot of experience that has enabled him to help blend sole-practitioner dentistry with corporate dentistry.


MB2 dental has more than 500 employees and over 60 affiliated office locations. Dr. Villanueva aims at offering dentists who have specialized training. This will help MB2 Dental to concentrate on providing quality services to clients. As a dental solutions provider, MB2 strives to offer services that will make practitioners and patients happy.


In an interview on entrepreneur podcast network, Dr. Chris Villanueva talked about what inspired him to start MB2 Dental. He also explained the role of MB2 in the dentistry industry, progressive business cultures as well as why he thinks his dental solutions are unique.


According to Dr. Chris Villanueva, MB2 dental was founded with the aim of bringing together doctors who can work as a team. This is part of the firm’s culture that he believes shouldn’t be left behind. MB2 gives a great perspective on the right way to carry out practice development and dental management. This perspective has helped change the lives of many dentists and patients.


When asked about why he thinks MB2 Dental is unique, he stated that the company focuses on the quality of services and not just profit margins. He added that MB2 is all about personal growth, autonomy and having fun together. The firm also offers innovations that help improve operation standards in the dental sector.


Chris Villanueva believes that progressive business cultures are essential to every company. In the interview, he stated that his company provides dentists with an environment where they can learn from each other. MB2 Dental also has a team of experts that helps dentists in various ways. This includes helping them overcome marketing, legal, payroll, HR and compliance challenges.



On another interview with ideamensch, Dr. Chris Villanueva discussed how he came up with the idea of MB2 Dental Solutions. After graduating from dental school, he had to options: To either start a private practice or join a large group practice. He later decided to create a model that allowed him to merge both options.


Villanueva also talked about his typical day. He said he considers himself a night owl because he gets good ideas at night. He proceeded to explain that night hours allow him to think creatively. Dr. Chris Villanueva has surrounded himself with smart team members who are outspoken and creative. He believes that you need to hire the right people to set vision.