Brian Torchin – Simplifying Hiring in Healthcare

Even though Brian Torchin is most noted in the medical profession for being involved himself in Chiropractic Medicine as well as Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, he has also found a way to offer a service to others in the healthcare field that has proven invaluable.

Using his knowledge of the healthcare industry along with social media vehicles, he has created a valuable tool. Active on Facebook, he uses the account as a way to help others in the field find positions by posting job openings for physical therapy, medical physicians, and other positions.

Serving as the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors’ (HCRC), created by Torchin in 2005, he is able to offer clients that are employers workers that are guaranteed to be trained for each position. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Employees can find openings in areas they are suited for instead of mulling through listings for health specific positions. Prospective employers are pleased with being able to use one stop shopping for employees they are able to take as a perfect fit.

Openings in health care often have to be filled in a timely manner so a company’s reputation doesn’t suffer and patients can still be seen quickly and given the best of care. HCRC eliminates some of the lag in time before an opening is determined and the steps are taken to contact resources, do interviews and run background checks. This simplifies the entire process and saves valuable time before it is filled with a competent employee.

As Brian Torchin has simplified employment in the health care field he has become an important resource as well. He pens a popular blog for the company and has been interviewed on various topics by news outlets.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin attended the University of Delaware, where he received his Bachelor of Exercise Science.

Jason Hope – An Arizona Based Futurist And Investor That Believes In Power Of Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based futurist, passionate technology writer, author, commentator, entrepreneur, and investor.

Recently, he shared his views on Internet of Things, which he feels has a great scope and future. He believes that in future, any and all perceivable technological gadgets would be connected and synced, work in conjunction with each other. It would help people to work smartly, save time and effort, and live an intelligent life. As the world of technology progress and many new developments takes place across the globe, Internet of Things seems like the only way forward as per Jason Hope.

Jason Hope feels that the use of devices, starting from kitchen appliances to doors and windows and much more, would help the people to move on with their life fluidly, without getting disrupted due to time limitations. It would help people take control of their life, and it would also help the industries to become more efficient.

Jason Hope is one of the most famous entrepreneurs and investors in the state of Arizona and is involved with many start-ups and businesses. He is also the founder of SENS Foundation, where he does not only donate but is also deeply involved. SENS Research Foundation does extensive research on anti-aging and longevity of life to help people live longer and healthier life.