How To Become A Better Talk Fusion Associate At Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion is a company that Bob Reina founded on more than just the idea of changing how people use videos to share their stories with others or promote their company. He wanted it to be a doorway for people to go into business for themselves and become the catalysts for Talk Fusion’s sales since he himself had been the beneficiary of direct selling. The Talk Fusion Associate program allows people to become authorized resellers of Talk Fusion’s products and they have incentives to make high commissions doing so. But Reina has decided to give new associates some pointers on winning customers and making sales, so he just started Talk Fusion University. This is a video series featuring Reina himself going over many new ideas and objectives for video marketing.


Bob Reina is a former police officer who got into video technology and marketing with really no background in computer science or programming. But he did have one thing he desired to do with his business endeavor which was to help others and felt he could do better than if he stayed on a schedule he couldn’t control as a police officer. He had tried several direct selling ventures before he stumbled across the idea for Talk Fusion. He had tried to send videos of a vacation he was on, but his email client at AOL couldn’t do this, so he decided he needed to have his own email software designed that could send videos. In 2007, Reina and his friend announced the completion of Talk Fusion’s first product and from there the company grew. Learn more:


Reina and his team have streamlined Talk Fusion’s services to make one-on-one and group chat relatively free of overhead and have updated them for mobile users. Beyond the email video client, they’ve created video meeting apps and also have signup forms that can be placed on web pages. Reina also decided customers should try all of Talk Fusion’s products before deciding to buy them, so starting a couple years ago he added 30-day free trials to the suite that require no credit card. Also, Talk Fusion associates can donate a Talk Fusion account to any charity they support.


How Daniel Taub Strengthened the Ties Between the UK and Israel During his Term as Israeli Ambassador

Israel and the UK recorded a significant growth in their trading activities when Daniel Taub oversaw the diplomatic relations between the countries. Taub held the position of Israeli ambassador for four years before stepping down in 2015. It was reported that the growth in the trading activities is attributed to the good business, academic and cultural relationships that the countries have with each other.


Daniel Taub carried out his diplomatic duties from his Israeli embassy office in the UK. The Israeli embassy issued a press statement back in 2015 acknowledging the Taub’s efforts to strengthen links between the UK and Israel. As a UK citizen by birth, he got appointed to work for the Israeli embassy in 2011 as an ambassador. Prior to his appointment, he was a peace negotiator for Northern Ireland.


Taub is known for emphasizing on trade and technology during his tenure at the Israeli embassy. Using technical support from Google, Taub managed to introduce Bizcamp, which is a competition for start-ups. Thanks to the success of Bizcamp, he became a nominee for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award. He got nominated for this award in the category of developing business and trade.


In reference to Sajid Javid’s speech during the 2015 British Israeli Business Awards, trading activities between Israel and the UK were in a “golden era.” Javid serves in the capacity of State Secretary for Business, Innovation, and Skills in the United Kingdom. He also pointed out that the bilateral trade is expected to be worth $7 billion because hundreds of Israeli Business ventures are increasingly being established in the UK.


About Daniel Taub


Daniel Taub is an international attorney, public speaker, lecturer, writer and former Israeli ambassador. At Yad Hanadiv (Rothschild) Foundation, his director position allows him to oversee strategy and planning. Taub is an alumnus of Harvard Law, Oxford University, and London University. During his visit to Israel, he worked in the international law division of the Israeli Defense Forces as a reserve officer. He also carried out legal and diplomatic duties at the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry.


BBC Radio 4, CNN, Sky News and Hardtalk are among the media channels that have interviewed Daniel Taub live. As a writer, Taub’s essays cut across current affairs of Israel and the Middle East. These essays are published on The Times, The Huffington Post and The Daily Telegraph. Taub is credited as an author of a book (Parasha Diplomat), which features the diplomatic views on biblical scriptures.


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Reasons Why Flourishing Brands Such as Fabletics Leverage Crowd Power

In the modern business environment, consumer purchases are largely influenced by the crowd power. Most modern customers rely on reviews sourced from the crowd religiously before making up their mind on making a purchase. This has seen tech-savvy brands like Fabletics exploit this consumer behavior shift to their advantage. Fabletics has experienced tremendous growth from 2013 when it was officially launched. It has managed to push its revenue to more than $235 million and has membership subscribers that surpass the million-mark. This huge growth is largely attributed to the company’s embracing of the crowd or user reviews. Here are some of the reasons why savvy brands are embracing user reviews and the power of the crowd.




Modern consumers lead a digital life and thus trust online reviews more as they influence their final decisions. According to a research conducted by BrightLocal, about 84% of the people today believe online reviews just as much as they would from somebody they fully trust. The feedback and opinions from the crowd are now trustworthy, safe and powerful. This is the main reason why brands that understand this fact leverage this power.


Common Feature and Frequent Use


A huge number of surveyed customers often research various businesses often like once monthly. A high number of consumer brands include user reviews on their product pages and website to boost sales. From 2014, this number has shot upwards by more than 70%. Studies show that the modern consumer is searching for more information and reviews about a particular product than even its price.


Great Reviews Mean More Revenue


Genuine and authentic reviews have the ability of boosting the bottom lines of businesses due to the improved rankings on search engines and capturing more customers, which signal revenue increase. The business strategy of incorporating reviews on websites begets loyal repeat customers. This means higher returns on investment.


Positive Reviews Spur Revenue


According to findings by BrightLocal, about 74% of consumers are ready to pursue the purchase option after reading positive reviews. Any slight increase in the rankings of a website or product consequently leads to an increase in revenue. Positive reviews keep the loyal and valuable customers coming back signifying a steady and increasing income stream. Fabletics benefits a lot from the high number of repeat customers and referrals. Crowdsourcing helps businesses to become more customer -focused and transparent.


Kate Hudson’s Efforts on Growing the Fabletics Brand


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, founders of TechStyle Fashion Group, came up with the idea of launching an athleisure brand. There was no brand offering quality athleisure that were reasonably priced and stylish at that moment. The duo picked on Kate Hudson to be their partner due to her approachable and easy personality as well as her leading an active lifestyle.


Kate Hudson is actively involved in making budgets, choosing social media strategies and in designing the outfits. She came up with a fresh data system that ensures they have accurate inventory levels. This was after customers complained that the best outfits at Fabletics were getting sold out fast. Fabletics got a better customer satisfaction score and top ratings from the Better Business Bureau in only 18 months thanks to her efforts.

How Roberto Santiago has strived to establish a Business Empire

Roberto Santiago is revered Brazilian entrepreneur who is well known for the success of his businesses. The millionaire has accumulated wealth by investing in different ventures since he was a teenager. He is a resident of Joao Pessoa and is among the region’s most accomplished businessmen. Santiago’s first investment was a small restaurant that was located in Santa Rosa. The enterprise was a success, and it allowed him to accumulate sufficient wealth to establish a cartonnage business. The firm manufactured a broad array of products from cardboards. The entrepreneur has gained wealth over the years is the founder of the Manaira Shopping Mall.


Santiago attended the University Center of Joao Pessoa and was awarded a business administration degree. The skills that he acquired from the learning institution have enabled him to attain success in his ventures. During his time as a youth, Roberto actively participated in the motocross and kart sports. He was a winner in a couple of championship races and was awarded trophies. The entrepreneur made his first real estate investment in 1987 when he started constructing Manaira Shopping. The business center began its operations in 1989, and it has been providing top-notch services to the people of the city. Roberto has invested in a wide variety of entertainment and fun facilities that have become a trademark of the shopping mall.


Manaira Shopping ensures that all its clients can access different types of products that they may need. It has a variety of shopping stores that offer products that include fashion, household commodities, furniture, and electronics. The building has an excellent movie theater that has modern designs and is fitted with top-notch 3D screens. It also has a bowling area and fully equipped gaming zone. Manaira Shopping mall’s customers have an opportunity to see magnificent beaches and enjoy a fresh breeze since it is located close to a coast line. The place has a superb food court that can be used by families and friends as a destination for catching up as they enjoy their favorite meals.


The Domus hall has been the pride of the business center from when it was launched in 2009. The hall is located on the rooftop of the building, and people hire it to hold huge events such as music concerts and conferences. Manaira Shopping is often renovated to ensure that it keeps up with the changing trends in the shopping mall business. In 2013, the millionaire businessman opened another business center that is called Mangeira Shopping. The place is well known for the modern facilities that it owns. The economy of Joao Pessoa and the social lives of its resident has have been improved by Santiago’s businesses. He has been an inspiration to the youths in Joao Pessoa.


Traveling Vineyard’s Journey To Success As Discussed By Rick Libby

Traveling Vineyard is an American-based firm focusing on sampling delicious wines while providing income for stay-at-home moms and anyone else interested. It was launched in 2001 before Rick Libby bought and restructured in 2010. The company primarily utilizes network marketing and tasting persons who endeavor in selling their delicious wine. Libby possesses adequate experience in business, having successfully run businesses for over thirty years.

As at now, the firm celebrates over 5,000 independent marketers who are devoted to influencing the company’s growth. Rick showed up for an interview to enlighten people on how he operates his business. You will grasp several aspects as you read on.

Understand Traveling Vineyard’s Concept Development

It is about 16 years since Rick Libby developed a model to boost their sales. Before settling on implementing it, Libby took some time with a friend whose wife had fruitfully applied an in-home demonstration to promote sales for her kitchenware. Libby’s friend sold the idea to him, and sure enough, it worked on wine! Even as at now, the firm continues to embrace new ideas and work towards their execution. In fact, Traveling Vineyard keeps on thinking through innovative ideas that are developed annually. For instance, they have a mobile software program, Awesomm, which plays a crucial role in informing their wine guides as they perform vital roles in their line of duty.

Essentials Impacting Traveling Vineyard’s Progressive Success

Traveling Vineyard is a firm with such a promising future. From the trend and the statistics, consumption of wine has continually risen every year, depicting a significant prevalence among many. The wine has also notably gained popularity among craft beer fanatics. Most importantly is that they have a fun and expedient mode of purchase that encourages their potential buyers. Running a convenient mobile app also helps them a lot in maintaining relevance and operating with much ease. Traveling Vineyard understands the value of their guides. As such, they organize training forums for them. In their guiding rules, the company does not unnecessarily restrict their employees. The steering principals believe in personal freedom, which is among the things attracting most people to the enterprise.

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Talk Fusion Wins Prestigious Award.

Talk Fusion is a well-known communication company that is changing lives in the recent times. The video communication firm was established several years ago, and it is already doing well on the international platform. At the moment, Talk Fusion has won the hearts of customers in almost all parts of the world.


Just recently, the video communication firm announced that it had won the communication solution product of the year award. A report from the company indicates that this is the second time the firm is getting the prestigious award in less than a year. The award was established in the market by the Technology Marketing Corporation. The award is meant to honor the companies that prove to have accomplished a lot in the video, voice communication and data industry.


A report released by the Technology Marketing Corporation states that Talk Fusion won the award because of several reasons. According to the institution, the video chat from Talk Fusion is an excellent service that cannot be compared to others. Using the service, people from all over the world can communicate seamlessly with family and friends, regardless of the device the client is using. According to Talk Fusion management, the location of the client does not matter when using the video chat service. Individuals can access the service from Google Play.


Bob Reina currently serves as the chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. Reina founded the company several years ago when he realized that investors were not using video marketing. In a recent report, Reina promises all his customer’s excellent services in the new future. According to him, Talk Fusion wants to ensure that everyone has something positive to say about it. Learn more:


Talk Fusion has been on the market since 2007, and it has transformed the communication industry positively. The products from the successful company are marketed from independent candidates from one person to the other. The independent associates are given great compensations too to make sure that the company products are sold. The company is already established in one hundred and forty nations. The customers are given a free trial that lasts thirty days. Learn more:



Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm founded in 2005. It offers various financial services to clients. These services include business valuation, corporate advisory, financial opinions for companies and evaluating financial reporting. This firm aims at guiding clients during mergers and takeovers. They give their customers the best advice to go through these processes smoothly.

This firm mainly targets the middle-market companies.


Competition among investment banking firms is so high. Such firms are targeting middle market companies. Due to this reason, Madison Street Capital has differentiated itself in the market. The company has built a strong reputation in acquisitions. This positioning makes them easily get clients and excel in the industry.

Businesses seeking proper terms of lending, practical strategies and implementing acquisitions effectively, need to choose Madison Street Capital.


The firm has offices in various continents to reach many clients in the world. Branches are in North America, Asia, and Africa. Clients have received counsel on corporate governance and independence at local and the international. After a company becomes a client to Madison Street Capital, they build a relationship with you. The firm values every client, regardless of their needs and expectations.


Since every customer has different needs, Madison Street Capital attends to all them individually. All solutions are tailor-made for each client. The firm does not stop until every customer is satisfied.All members of this firm are team players and experts. The company hires the best professionals in the labor market. The intention is to put together a strong team that will offer outstanding performance in the industry. Madison Street Capital is challenging other firms to uplift their standards and offers quality services in the industry.


About Madison Street Capital


This company is conscious of time sensitivity and in corporate finance. Immediately a client walks in any office, he or she gets attention. Experts begin working immediately and resolving the issues. All transactions made are meant to benefit both clients and the firm. Experts working for Madison have vast experience in matching buyers with suitable sellers. Eventually, every participant is happy and satisfied with the outcome.


Madison Street Capital is passionate about what it does and strives to advance to higher levels. Each day, it searches for better techniques of offering services and enhancing customer experience. Through technology and other dynamics of business, Madison has a lot to discover and offer to their clients and the entire financial industry. Through professionalism, care, and integrity, Madison Street Capital reputation is serving its clients and ensures it has delivered it’s services promptly.


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End Citizens United Commitment to Combat Big Money in United States’ Elections

End Citizens United has been on the forefront of chairing fair elections in the United States of America. Faced with the responsibility to raise money for the next elections, the political group has raised more than $4 million in mid-2017. The team is still committed to raising over $35 million in the next elections in 2018. Considering the amount the group contributed towards the general elections in 2016, it is projected that the team will make progress in 2018.


The president of End Citizens United, Muller Tiffany, said that more than 100,000 individuals had made their contributions towards the group. In 2017, over 40,000 have pledged their allegiance to the group by making their first contribution. Tiffany Muller also stated that the group is dedicated to making sure that the right people are elected. With the members of the group feeling that President Trump’s cabinet is undermining them, the team is committed to proving themselves to Trump’s cabinet by winning the 2018 general elections. The congress elections that will see Jon Ossoff vie for the position of health secretary will be the pace setter of the team’s performance.


A few weeks after the donations, End Citizens United took to the political platform with the aim of mobilizing donors to donate towards Jon’s election as a congressman. To people’s surprise, Jon Ossoff parted with more than $ 4 million towards his campaign in April. As he looks forward to replacing Tom Prince who was elected for the health as well as human services secretary, End Citizens United is dedicated to ensuring that he is elected come 2018.


Although End Citizens United contributors are allowed to part with $ 5,000, the group has received over the set limits since 2016. The amount was significant in the 2016 general elections, and for that reason, the group is sure of winning more supporters regarding donors. End Citizens United plays different roles including mobilizing donors and campaigners aside from supporting Democrats. This is evident by the support the team showed when in 2016, they assembled Republicans to refrain from voting for Betsy DeVos. The result was a tie that called for the vice president to break.

End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was established in 2010. Under the decision of the Supreme Court, the group was launched in 2015 with the aim of getting rid of big political money that influences corruption. End Citizens United has therefore been on the lead of electing the right political candidates who are committed to cheering finance reforms in the country. Funded by the grassroots donors, the group is committed to making the American political landscape a national priority by ensuring that political reformists are elected.

Richard Blair And His Work At Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is one of the finest investors in the retirement industry, and he has spent quite a lot of time ensuring that his clients will have money ready for their retirement. He knows how to craft a retirement portfolio that works for the client, and he has many creative ideas that will help. This article explains how Richard does his work, and it takes a look at ways that he aids his clients in preparing for the future. Learn more:


#1: What Does A Retirement Portfolio Look Like?


Every retirement plan is different, and Richard believes that he must craft something that is specific to the needs of the customer. These people come to him every day hoping to learn how they may save money on their retirement, and he knows that a number of people who are having trouble with their retirement may reform their plans accordingly.


#2: Creative Ideas


Richard offers a number of creative ideas to his clients that include renting summer and winter homes, investing in currency and moving outside traditional retirement packages. He manages traditional packages, and he hopes to show his customers that there is a way to save money for their future.


#3: Setting A Retirement Date


Setting a retirement date is quite simple as the client will tell Richard when they believe they would like to retire. Richard and his staff will work backwards to begin the planning process, and they will grow a number of different plans that may work for the customer. They show the customers their progress over time, and they are willing to adjust their plans at any time. Learn more:


#4: How Long Does It Take To Retire?


Richard is willing to work with anyone at any time. He knows that there are people who simply cannot afford to retire right now, and he is aware of many other people who want to wait to retire. They may need a short-term plan that will help them retire in a few years, or they may adjust their current retirement counts to ensure that they are much more profitable. Learn more:


Richard Blair has done amazing work ensuring that his company is helping clients retire in the right way. They may make choices that help them earn money in retirement, and clients may build a large portfolio of things that are used for their retirement. Each option offered by Richard and his staff points to a prosperous future. Learn more:


Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO

Sheldon Lavin has passed through a lot of challenges in the meat industry career before finally emerging successful. He entered the meat industry more than four decades ago.

Sheldon was also a successful investor and a senior management officer in the banking sector. He also owned a financial consulting firm that enabled him to help people to make wise investments. He later became the Chairman of the OSI Group. Among his other achievements, is that he transformed McDonald’s into a global supplier of a broad range of food products.

Sheldon Lavin contributed to financing Otto & Sons which later evolved into OSI Group. The experiences Lavin has undergone as an executive in OSI Group has played a significant role in making him the tycoon he is up to date. Lavin’s leadership and vision have led to rapid expansion of a small scale business to an international leader in the meat industry. Sheldon is a source of inspiration to most young entrepreneurs.

In 2016, India’s Vision World Academy awarded Sheldon Lavin with a prestigious Global Visionary Award.

In 2015, Sheldon Lavin was honored by RSM US LLP with a Lifetime Achievement Award. He got the lifetime achievement award due to his commitment to Chicago business community and service to the society. Sheldon does not compromise on the welfare of his employees. He does the best he can to ensure that employees get rewards for hard work. He is honored and respected by employees and other senior individuals holding executive positions in other companies.

Sheldon Lavin pursued finance and accounting so that he could run his businesses professionally. Sheldon’s vision is to transform OSI Industries into a world-class enterprise. OSI Industries have approximately 80 facilities in 17 countries. The company produces vegetable items, baked goods, sauces, and protein products. Sheldon Lavin values innovation so he does the best he can to ensure that the corporation employs innovative technology through creativity.

According to Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group is an extended family. Employees treat each other with love and respect. Every individual is free to interact with each other thus building healthy interpersonal relationships and understanding. Lavin listens to his employees by encouraging them to visit his office as they please. Additionally, OSI engages in charitable activities to support local communities.